RedisJSON: Public Preview & Performance Benchmarking

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Merci à Cyril T. pour sa contribution le 24/11/2021


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In July, we introduced the private preview of a real-time document store with native indexing, querying, and full-text search capabilities powered by the combination of RedisJSON and RediSearch. During the preview, we’ve greatly improved the performance and stability of the offering, simplified packaging for easier onboarding, and enhanced our driver support. Today, we’re happy to announce that RedisJSON* (powered by RediSearch) is now available as a public preview and available in our cloud. Public preview means generally available (GA) quality code that’s available in limited deployment environments.

RedisJSON* is a source-available real-time document store that allows you to build modern applications by using a dynamic, hierarchical JSON document model. Our early customers have started using it in various architectural scenarios across their data stack: as a cache, as a query accelerator to speed-up hotspots, and as a primary database. We’re seeing growing adoption in our developer community as well. In the last 3 m