React Node.js Netflix App | MERN Stack + JWT Full Tutorial

Merci à Cyril T. pour sa contribution le 13/01/2022

Mern stack Netflix app clone. React, Node.js, MongoDB movie application. Full Stack Netflix clone course for beginners using JWT, React Hooks, and Context API.

You are watching the 2nd part. The deployment part is coming soon. Here is the first part.

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0:00 Introduction
2:58 Creating Node.js Express API
7:00 Node.js MongoDB Connection
13:10 Rest API Models
19:36 Rest API Routes
21:23 Node.js Register
33:30 Login with JWT Authentication
44:47 Rest API User CRUD Operations
01:14:22 Rest API Movie CRUD Operations
01:29:00 Rest API Movie Lists
01:43:22 React Router Dom
01:53:30 React Fetch Data from API
02:03:49 Displaying Movies from API
02:08:28 React Netflix Watch Page
02:11:50 Fetching Featured Movie
02:16:03 React Admin Panel
02:18:50 React Admin Dashboard Chart
02:31:41 Fetching Latest Users
02:39:34 React Context API
02:55:52 React Login with JWT
03:08:46 React Admin Dashboard CRUD Operations
03:32:05 Adding New Movie
03:39:18 React Firebase Uploading File
04:08:50 Movie List CRUD Operations
04:43:20 Fixing Bugs
04:46:00 React Authentication with JWT
04:57:00 Making App Responsive
05:05:06 Outro