Docker Complete Setup on Windows (With WSL Ubuntu)

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Learn how to setup perfect working environment with Docker and WSL Ubuntu.

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Docker is an amazing tool for development. But on Windows it might be tricky to setup it up and make it working.
In this video I will setup docker working environment on Windows, create and run docker images, enable WSL 2, Install Ubuntu in WSL 2 and connect Ubuntu with Docker Desktop on windows.
You will see all these steps in details.

Table of contents
00:00 - Intro
00:30 - Prerequisites
01:36 - Install Docker Desktop
02:22 - Run Docker image
03:32 - Enable WSL
05:29 - Install Ubuntu in WSL
06:32 - Integrate WSL Ubuntu with Docker
07:24 - WLS Ubuntu and VSCode
08:04 - Install Laravel Using Sail
09:58 - Open Ubuntu FS in Windows Explorer
10:23 - Open WSL Ubuntu project in PHPStorm
11:41 - The End

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