Build and Deploy a Modern YouTube Clone Application in React JS with Material UI 5 | RapidAPI

Merci à Cyril T. pour sa contribution le 28/08/2022

Master modern web development by building a responsive React JS application consisting of stunning video sections, custom categories, channel pages, and, most importantly, you can play videos straight from your YouTube Clone App!

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React.js, Material UI, and just a couple of other dependencies, you'll build everything else from scratch!

In this course, you'll learn:
- React functional components and their reusability
- React file and folder structure
- You'll achieve mastery using Material UI (version 5)
- Perfectly placed media queries for satisfactory responsiveness on all devices
- And most importantly, fetching data from unlimited sources using RapidAPI.

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👇 Time Stamps
00:14:55 - Layout
00:24:25 - Navbar
00:36:06 - Feed & Sidebar
00:50:02 - API Data fetching
01:04:00 - Videos
01:31:07 - Profile page
01:51:30 - Search
01:57:29 - Video Details
02:17:30 - Deployment